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The Hotmail two-step verification method helps in protecting you and your personal information from online threats. This method is extremely essential when it comes to making it progressively troublesome for another person to sign in to your Hotmail account. It utilizes two unique types of character: your password, and a contact strategy. This is also known as security data. Regardless of whether another person finds your password, they can’t approach your security information. This is why it’s critical to use distinctive passwords for every one of your accounts.

Hotmail Two-Step Verification

How to Turn the Hotmail Two-Step Verification Method Works?

As you turn on the 2-step verification method, you’ll receive a security code to your secondary email account or linked phone number/ authenticator app which you have set earlier. But as you have turned off the Hotmail two-step verification, you are able to verify your identity with security codes. This can be done when you find there is some risk to your Hotmail account.

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The requirement for Setting Up Hotmail Two-Step Verification

This entire process begins with an email address, a phone number or an authenticator app. The time when you sign in to a new device from a new location, they send a security code. You have to enter this in the sign-in page.

We will show you the method of setting up the Hotmail two-step verification method using the authenticator app.

Effective Ways to Set up Hotmail Two-Step Verification Using the Authenticator App

The below-mentioned instructions are more secure are as follows:

  • Firstly, access your Security settings on your Hotmail account and then log in with the different login credentials. In Hotmail account go for the Account settings.
  • Then you have to click on the Setup two-step verification link and tap on next to continue.
  • If you’re attempting to set up an account that is associated with a phone, almost certainly, won’t be offered the decision to choose the verification strategy, yet in the event that you do, at that point pick ‘An app’ starting from the drop menu.
  • Select your gadget (e.g., Windows Phone, Android, or iPhone), and after that click Next.

In this way, you are able to settle the Hotmail two-step verification method with the help of an authenticator.

Hotmail Two-Step Verification Method Through Email Address/Phone Number

In this article, our Hotmail experts will help you with the two-step verification for your mail account. This process is generally required when you need to execute the Hotmail hacked account recovery method.

  • First, you need to tap on the name or profile from the upper right side and click “View Account”. From that point, you need to tap on “Security and Privacy” in the blue bar that is at the best and afterward you need to tap on “More Security Settings”.
  • Afterward, you have to affirm your character to make changes in your account and there you can pick a technique from its drop-down menu like a content, a call or an email to reinforce your post box or something different and now pursue the prompts to send and to enter a code.
  • Then, it might request that you set up an authenticator application for your telephone yet for the present, you can select “Set it up later”.
  • Now you’ll arrive back on a security settings page where you need to tap on “Set up two-step verification”
  • The first brief you get encourages you in setting up a few techniques and after that, you need to press “Next”.
  • First, you’ll have to set up the Hotmail Authenticator application and then you can choose the kind of gadget you use and afterward you need to click “Next” for guidelines to download and set it up. On the off chance that you would prefer not to set up this time, at that point press on do this later and proceed onward.
  • After that, you have to affirm another technique to reinforce so as to check your personality. This default to your reinforcement email and in case you locate this right, at that point click “Next”.
  • Once you click, you’ll get an email with a verification code. At that point, you need to enter this code on your next screen and after that press proceeds.
  • This way you get a printable recuperation code. You need to note this down or take a print to keep it sheltered and afterward click on “Done”.


If you are getting any issue with Hotmail like Hotmail sign in problem, hacked account issue, and others, seek the support of experts. The Hotmail tech support experts will lead you to an active resolution on time.

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