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Every email service modifies itself to sync with the users’ current requirements. AOL email service is not out of the herd at all. They not only introduce the AOL desktop Gold version to give some new facilities to the users but also keep an eye on it so that users won’t require facing interruption. This version of AOL email service is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. People always look for the latest facilities so that they won’t require depending on so many applications. But sometimes they face different issues too. Especially Windows 10 users complain that they are facing AOL desktop Gold problems after downloading.

AOL Desktop Gold Problems

AOL Desktop Gold version gives some amazing facilities to the users. They can take advantage of web browsers, video and audio compatibility and many more. But if the users are not comfortable with it due to different issues, then all these facilities will be useless for them.

Let’s check out what type of AOL Desktop Gold Problems interrupt the Windows 10 users mostly-

  • Users complain about slow-speed performance.
  • They are unable to upgrade the AOL Desktop Gold software.
  • Users face obstacles during login to an AOL email account.
  • Users face a problem during the installation method of AOL Desktop Gold.

The AOL technical support team assures the users that, these types of problems can be sorted out if they follow some simple instructions which are discussed below-

  • Solving the Slow Speed Performance Issue-

In this case, AOL Desktop Gold users need to delete all unnecessary files, junk files, etc. They must check out the hard drive storage as well. To run AOL Desktop Gold, users must have at least 512 MB spaces on their computers. If they can do it in a proper way then, they will be able to run AOL Desktop Gold without any hesitation.

  • Helping in Upgrading AOL Desktop Gold Software

If there are corrupted files, then users must delete those files. Users need to check the internet connection too. Sometimes slow internet speed, users face different issues. Users need to install a strong antivirus to stay away from these types of AOL Desktop Gold Problems. They need to scan the system thoroughly with the help of this antivirus on a regular basis.

  • Solving AOL Email Login Problem

AOL experts advise the users to check the password while entering. Users need to check the account settings too. If required, they can ask the technicians. Some users failed to recall the password. In that case, they need to make a private note of it.

  • Solving Installation Issues in AOL Desktop Gold

Users need to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold. Users need to go to the control panel of the computer. After that, they need to select the programs. Then users need to click on uninstall the program. If they have any incomplete or damaged file then they should need to clear it too. After that, users need to reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold version. They need to keep an eye that, during the re-installation of AOL Desktop Gold, users must use the official AOL website.

Some users make mistakes during the installation of AOL Desktop Gold in Windows 10 specifically. As a result,  they failed to avoid different AOL Desktop Gold problems. For them, AOL expert provides detailed installation method which is discussed below-

Installation Method of AOL Desktop Gold for Windows 10-

  • Users must have 1 GB RAM. After that, users need to download AOL Desktop Gold from an authorized website.
  • Next, users need to open the file explorer from the download folder.
  • After that, users need to double click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon.
  • Then, users need to install the AOL exe. File.
  • After that, users need to click on the “install” option and users need to click on the “yes” option. Next, users need to wait for some time to complete the installation process.
  • After that, users will have the display of the message that the installation method is finished. AOL experts will advise that users must restart the system after getting this message.

If the users have any questions regarding AOL Desktop Gold problems, then they can ask the experts through an AOL customer service number instantly. They won’t have to pay the phone bills as it is toll-free and open for 24×7 hours.

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